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Vegan Makeup Bag


  • 100% vegan, contains no animal products
  • Practical, compact and cool
  • Front pouch for makeup brushes
  • Spacious back pouch for makeup
  • Unique design
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Vegan Make Up Bag

“I want a beautiful, vegan make up bag and I want it NOW” said our brains in a Veruca Salts moment.

“Your wish is our command” we replied nervously, and so the quest began.

We scoured the planet, searched the seven seas, climbed the highest mountains and went camping in Wales – there were no depths we weren’t prepared to plumb. We uncovered treasures to make you tremble and tasted delicacies we’ll never forget, but it wasn’t the resplendent vegan make up bag our hearts desired. Then one day our perseverance and tenacity were rewarded by The Gods and our deepest wish was granted.

“But will it be able to hold our make-up brushes in a front section whilst leaving a spacious  back section for our bottles of creams and powders?” we asked.

“YES” it replied.

“And will it have the Vegetal logo emblazoned on the front?” we continued reverently.

“YES” it replied.

Our quest was over and our hearts were appeased. And now, for just £9.99, yours can be too.