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Vegan Leather Tote Handbag


  • VEGAN: 100% vegan, made from water resistant, leather-look, 500D polyester fabric
  • SIZE: 35cm x 12cm x 30cm – Fits a small laptop (34x23cm) or tablet
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • SAFETY: Internal compartment for purse or phone plus a magnetic clasp with extra tie close option
  • DURABLE: Easy to clean and maintain
  • PRACTICAL: Hard-wearing fabric. Comes with adjustable detachable shoulder strap which can be worn either over the shoulder or across the body
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Vegan Leather Tote Handbag

Do you want a beautiful Stylish Day to Night Vegan Leather Tote Handbag that is spacious, hard wearing and cool and can be used as both in the daytime for work and as an ‘I’m off out tonight and I’ve got my handbag’ bag? Of course you do.  And do you want this versatile bag to be entirely free from animal products? Is this even possible?

Vegan handbag options used to generally be of the tie-dye variety and while we love this throwback to bohemianism, it has a time and a place. We wanted to offer you a bag made of synthetic material that looks like leather but isn’t the skin of a dead cow. With this bag, you can show people that the leather industry is a cruel dinosaur from a previous era and no longer necessary. And as a bonus, the synthetic fabric is heard-wearing, water-resistant and easy to clean.

“But how do I wear it?” You may be asking. It all depends on how you feel. You might be in a strictly-business, hand-held tote bag sort of a mood. Or a casual, off-the-shoulder one? Or are you in a robust, cross-body, things-to-do, people-to-see frame of mind? This bag can be carried in all those ways and has an adjustable strap to cater for all your bag carrying inclinations/moods/fancies/propensities/tendancies/desires.

The handbag has a magnetic clasp to keep it closed as well as an optional closing tie for additional security. It also has a large inside pocket with a zip for keeping your precious things safe and accessible.

In short, this is a lovely bag.