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Vegan Washbag


  • 100% vegan, contains no animal products
  • Size: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm
  • Large main pouch
  • Vegan Leather Vegetal Badge
  • Strong zip with metal puller
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Vegan Washbag

A cynical person might say that it’s not possible to fall in love with a vegan washbag. And they might be right. But if this theory was going to be tested, we think this washbag would meet the challenge.

This washbag is dashing. It is made of a shades-of-green, cross-stitch patterned, hard-wearing material and has a fake leather ‘Vegetal’ badge proudly mounted on the front, so everyone knows you’re cool. Everyone in the bathroom anyway. The zip pull is of sparkling gold with a fancy gold zip pull. The bag is surprisingly big on the inside, much like the TARDIS, so you can easily fit in all your toiletry essentials.

You want your washbag to be a winner as it accompanies you on your travels and, like any good traveling partner, it must be capable, functional and beautiful all at the same time. When the customs official asks whether this is your washbag you can square your shoulders, look them in the eye and say “Yes, it certainly is”.